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Information for hoteliers

How do I get my hotel listed on Simple Hotels?

In order to be listed on our site, your property must be linked with one of ourpartner property management companies. This allows us to display your details and provide our customers with an online reservation facility for all our hotels. Currently, we're partnering with WorldRes, CNG Hotels, ActiveHotels and Superbreaks. If you don't want to partner with a property management compan, then you can't get a standard listing on this site, but you may wish to consider a resource listing.

We're already listed with one of the above companies; how do we get on your website?

If your property is currently listed with any of the above agents, we should already be able to get the information to list your property and add you to our website, please allow at least 30 days from registering.

What does it cost to be listed?

Your property will appear on Simple Hotels free of charge but the distribution company you choose may require a transaction fee.

How do I get listed higher in the search results on the web site?

We have tailored our site towards the site visitor and not the hotelier. We do not make arrangements with individual hotels to place them higher on our site.

How do I make changes to my information on your site?

Any changes that need to be made to the information about the property should be addressed to your property distributer.

Who do I contact if I have a general question?

Please contact us using this message form