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Contacting Simple Hotels

Want your hotel listed on this site?

If you're a hotelier, interested in having your property listed on this site, please consult our details pertinent to hoteliers.

What does the site do?

We offer over 25,000 hotels from around the world. These are brought to you from the books of many of the world’s largest booking partners – often allowing you to compare prices/deals where more than one partner represents the accommodation.

What is the process for making a reservation?

The booking process is simple:

  • Select your desired hotel from our comprehensive catalogue (note: you’re free to browse as much as you like – you’re under no obligation until you’ve submitted your credit card details)
  • Check availability and price for the dates and room types (if applicable) you desire.
  • If you want to make a reservation, you will be prompted for your details including name, address and email
  • You will receive on-screen confirmation (with a number) and then a confirmation email to follow. The email should be instantaneous, but please allow up to 24 hours.

I'm looking for a hotel in a specific town. Can you make recommendations?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make recommendations due to the huge number of locations and hotels available.

Do you publish a printed brochure of your hotels?

No we don't. We operate solely as an online booking service, and do not have printed brochures of our hotels.

I wish to contact the hotel directly, what's their email address or phone number?

Our agreement with our booking partners forbids us from disclosing email addresses or phone numbers of hotels listed on this site.

Can you please quote me via email?

Our partners often change their prices due to availability. The price the online system will quote you is a guaranteed price, but this stops us from quoting prices by email as the price the next day could have changed.

What facilities and meals are available/provided?

The provision of complementary services and breakfast will be listed on the hotel details page. If these details are not given, then it is usually safe to assume that they are not available.

Is it safe to use my credit card over the web?

Yes, this is obviously an important consideration. All of our partners use secure internet technology to keep your details private.

Is it safe to use my credit card over the web?

Yes, this is obviously an important consideration. All of our partners use secure internet technology to keep your details private.

I don't have a credit card, can you invoice for the reservation?

No, remember the booking is actually between you and our booking partner, and they use your credit card to guarantee the reservation immediately.

What is the cancellation policy for my reservation?

Each hotel can set their own cancellation policy. This will be given at the time of booking and will also be explained on your confirmation email.

I have not received a confirmation email – what should I do?

You will usually receive an email within 24 hours (usually almost instantaneously). If you have not received it within this time, and you booked via this site, then please contact us providing the following information.

Date you made the reservation

  • Name the reservation was made in
  • Email address you gave for the confirmation
  • Hotel Name, Address (full town & country)
  • Dates the reservation was for

Note if you did not get a screen confirming your order, then it is likely that the order was never completed.

I have a general site comment not covered by the above – how can I ask these?

Please contact us using this message form - Please note, currently we can only accept English language comments.